First Post

This is it! The first entry of my brand new travel blog. I've toyed with the idea before on tumblr a few years ago but the setting didn't work for me. Also, I suppose I've already sort of been blogging whenever Emmett & I send out an email newsletter to friends and family every few weeks as we travel. 

Anyway, I'm really digging the setup here on squarespace and I've got a lot of ideas for posts already drafted. So, I guess it's time to get started.

For fun I'll do 5 facts about me:

  1. I'm a vegetarian; have been for nearly 4 years.
  2. My passions (other than travel) include reading, writing, food, interior design, beachcombing & environmental conservation.
  3. I'm a certified Permaculture Designer
  4. When I was 11, I was a Live Seashell Expert. Keep an eye out for future posts about shells and Southwest Florida on this blog.
  5. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature.

What else can I say? I hope this works.
Thanks for reading!