Colorful Boatsheds of the Mornington Peninsula

For the past three months, Emmett and I have been living & working on the Mornington Peninsula just south of Melbourne. It's a lovely area with plenty of things to do but perhaps one of my favorite parts about the peninsula is the boatsheds. Also known as bathing boxes, these charming beachfront "sheds" started out merely as boat storage for beach-goers. Over time, though, they've developed into mini-holiday homes for city dwellers. Walking along the calm shores of Port Phillip Bay, I've seen some that were fully decorated living spaces and others that had beach gear & paddle boards at most. Long story short, I've been enchanted with them from the start. I hope you will enjoy looking at these structures as much as I do.

a row of boatsheds in dromana, victoria
bathing boxes melbourne mornington peninsula
bathing boxes melbourne
mornington boatsheds